Our Services

We have a technical and engineering staff with many years of experience in marine application engines, power generation plants, and oil/gas. At GENCON, we have the best team to support our clients, offering key services that ensure their equipment’s optimal performance.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

Includes overhaul in engines according to the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. We also provide all kinds of unexpected or unscheduled services, such as: crankshaft repair, injection pump reconditioning, head cylinder maintenance, etc

Diagnostics and Failure Analysis

Services such as oil and fuel analysis, vibration tests, and engine diagnosis and recovery.

Other Engine Services

– Head cylinder maintenance
– Inspections
– Maintenance and calibration of injector
– Reconditioning of injectors
– Reconditioning of injection pumps
– Assistance and technical consultancy

Fuel Treatment Services

Maintenance of pumps and purifiers.

Services for Heat Exchangers

Maintenance and cleaning of equipment, as well as replacement of tubes, plates and panels.

Turbocharger Services

Turbocharger maintenance, nozzle ring cleaning, balancing, ultrasonic cleaning.


Technical training in operation and maintenance of power plants that operate under the recommended standards by the manufacturer.